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Bradley Roby

The whole D line and front seven is significantly improved now sans Doom. If he had not screwed up his own fax he would also have benefited from playing on a much improved front seven from last year making his own job a hell of a lot easier as well.

With VIckerson maintaining his big boy size for a second consecutive year along with the invaluable benefit of the same defense with JDR and lining up next to second year boy wonder Derek Wolfe .. now Add Terrance Knighton on the other side and wedge Sly Williams in there giving Vickerson plenty of rest time ... not even considering hte right side for the moment ... and we are miles better than last year already!

With Ayers to be given more duty on run and play action downs to also get into the backfield more and Phillips playing with some real fire and a chip on his shoulder for finally "the good guys" as he put it on the right side with assistance as needed from Beal and Jackson ( though Jackson will largely spell Wolfe on the left) I see no problem at all exceeding Dooms production of last year.

Sly alone is likely to grab 6 to 8 sacks in his first year on his own. Add another 4 to 6 sacks by Knighton too, and Philips will exceed the 9.5 he had last year on a San Diego team going no where with apathy and a lame duck coach all year long and with NO Von Miller on the other side drawing the heat away from Shaun.

In any event, two things you can bet the fort on!

1. Shaun Philips is more than good enough and respected enough league wide to demand the same kind of attention and effort any offense would have had to devote to containing, or at least trying to slow Doom a little .. and that is all we really need to keep Von running wild and even better in his third year as he just starts to hit his peak performance years.

From Wolfe, too, I expect no less than a 50% increase minimum in sacks over his rookie year with the hard core effort and dedication he reported is applying this off season to being the best he can be! That is minimum 9 sacks and 10 to 11 from Wolfe wouldnt be a shocker.

2. With the big increase in interior Dline pressure via SLy, Knighton and Big Vick as well as opposing teams not begin able to relax one bit with Phillips. Ayers and perhaps later in the year Quanterius bringing it from the right while Von and Wolfe set the left edge and blow through to the QB with regularity ... I fully expect Von to at least match, if not significantly exceed, his 18.5 sacks of last year and may well break the single season record if he makes a full 16 game season healthy and not slowed down.

Yes, we would very likely have gotten similar results with Doom still here along with SLy and Knighton and Quanterius added to the mix, but the point is, we wont be missing Doom nearly like some had feared.

With Ball and Hillman (and likely McGahee and possibly KM as backups) all joining hands with the human road graders of Louis V and Orlando Franklin on the right side of the Oline, our run game is gonna take a major leap forward too which is scary when you consider the implications of that on this high powered passing game we have assembled .. and vice versa with the benefits for the RB with only 6 to 7 max in the box with Manning tossing the rock to DT, Deck and Wes along with a TE or two :-).

If we can just have similar injury luck, or a bit better, as last year, I see very little preventing a very high odds of hoisting a Lombardi next Feb in chilly NYC.

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