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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
I like every pick outside of Webster, I can understand why they liked him, but I think they left better value on the board. Plus, I'm not sure how they fit him onto the depth chart. They aren't going to cut a 3rd round pick. but you've got Champ, DRC, Harris, Carter and Boldin ahead of him. Either they have to keep 6 CBs, or else find an excuse to stash someone on IR for a year (perhaps Webster himself). Sly and Ball will help right away. No pressure for Smith to play right away with the Phillips signing, they can stash him on IR if need be. King could help on ST right away and be the 4th WR, maybe move up if we lose Decker to FA or post-Welker. I'm fine with no MLB, they obviously are comfortable with Irving. Just wish we would have taken avantage of this deep safety class. Adams is expendable. Would have preferred Shamarko Thomas in the 3rd over Webster.
I pretty much agree with your thoughts. I do think Webster is capable of being played at Strong Safety though. He's very physical and he's around the size of Mike Adams. So, another option may be using him as a safety.
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