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Vinston Painter, OT, Virginia Tech
6'4", 306, 4.90 forty, 32 Bench, 4.56 Shuttle, 7.71 Cone

Painter didn't take up football until his freshman year of high school, so he admittedly arrived at Virginia Tech as a fairly raw football player. He moved around both sides of the ball, seeing time at left tackle and defensive tackle before returning to the offensive side of the ball, playing some right guard and finally settling in as the starting right tackle as a senior.
"Bouncing around like that from position to position slowed by development a little bit, and at times during my career I didn?t progress as fast as I would have liked," Painter said at the Combine. "But if definitely made me the player that I am today, and I wouldn?t really change it."

That versatility will help him in the eyes of NFL scouts. A virtual unknown prospect entering the 2012 season, Painter played well enough to score an invite to the combine despite not playing in a single postseason all-star game.

"I was scheduled to play in the Texas versus the Nation game, but me and my agent and my trainer sat down, talked about it and when I got my invite to the combine, we decided to pull out of the all-star game in fear of the risk of getting hurt," Painter said. "We didn?t really want to take that chance of not being able to perform as well as I want to at the combine."

A late bloomer, Painter said he didn't play football until high school because he was always too big for his age group as a youth. But he was a four-star prospect who received numerous scholarship offers. The constant moving at Virginia Tech kept Painter under the radar, but he's trying to capitalize on his new-found attention.

"I feel like people were surprised, you know, basically coming from a guy who had taken very little snaps as I have, coming into a season being the starter," he said. "Basically going from a bench-rider to a starter that fast, you?d think the jitters and things would cause you not to perform as well, but I look forward to pressure situations like that. I feel as though I displayed my abilities to the best that I could, and people took notice.

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