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Bradley Roby

This is good, he is good fill in too while Quanterius gets fully healed up and regains all his speed and learns the NFL game... then QS can take over or let the best man will hold the reins with the other a good rotation backup ... Now, with Q Smith along with Phillips, Ayers, Malik and Wolfe we have DEs of every shape and size we need.

Either the FO is fully confident in getting solid MiddleBacker play from Erving, Johnson, Bradley this year or we are gonna bring in Dansby or Urlacher in a surprise move.

Riddick is nice and all but is he really any better than Erving?? A key to consistent winning football teams is taking full advantage of teh players already on your roster and not getting blinded by the seeming eye candy and names in each new draft.

IRving was what a third rounder for us?? Time to get the production out of him we have already invested in him and the coaches seem to think he is ready to shine....
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