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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
All I want the Broncos to do is not blow their picks. After giving it some long thought, Montee Ball could be a great player for this team. He is a great compliment to Hillman. Wisconsin backs never pan out. He is an average athlete. I think scheme helped him a lot.

Kayvon Webster in the third round is absolutely unforgivable. The press conference on him demonstrates how "needy" we were with a corner, and we didn't have the balls to move up and get one who was actually good. Should have moved up to get Xavier Rhodes. We blew that one.

Sylvester Williams pick: A

Montee Ball pick: B

Kayvon Webster pick: F-

There are plenty of good players still left.

WR: Patton, Rogers, King, Harper, Mellette
DL: Williams, Okafor, Jenkins, Smith
LB: Thomas, Greene, Hodges, Porter, Reddick
CB: Porter, Webb
S: Thomas (x2), Jefferson, Williams

If we can get one of those guys in the fourth, I'll be happy. I doubt it. I bet we sit on our hands like worthless losers and let all the good guys come off the board. There are others too, especially backs like Randle, Franklin, Lattimore, etc. but obviously we won't be going there.

It is just sad.

Geez. Emote much?
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