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Who give a **** if the Broncos have 15/16 drafted players?

Elway has been here two years. Most all the draft picks should be on the team. The more important number that outside a few key players, none of them start. Only one guy out of everyone we drafted last year started ONE game. That is ****ing pathetic.
not pathetic and all when you look at what they were doing with last year's draft. consider one of the high picks was never meant to see the field for 3-5 years and the 3rd rounder is a midround COP RB. Are you seriously disappointed Denver didn't get a day one starter from day 3 of last year's draft? The day 3 LB they took last year worked his way into a prominent subpackage role on d. Broncos did fine last year, and the year before they got a potential HOF pass rusher, a solid starting OT, and 2 guys who started at safety over the 1st 2 years. Elway and co. are doing fine. Denver got 2 immediate starters/impact players already in this draft and the more I see from Webster the more I think he's going to be a solid role player at worst. And he netted us Peyton Manning, etal. Buck up, little camper.

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