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Originally Posted by Broncoman13 View Post
I think they have to consider some of the guys that are falling a bit. Barkley wouldn't be a bad pick if they want to develop a QB for insurance and future trade bait. I'm not sold on Oz but I believe the coaching staff sees him as the heir apparent. Still, never hurts to have insurance at the position and the 4th round for a pro ready QB is very good value.

Also like Okafor, Patton, Franklin, LATTIMORE, and Jesse Williams. Not need positions but guys that could add quality depth.
I agree that they may take Barkley if he is still there in the 5th. He could be a very solid backup with starter potential and would be a solid choice as almost NFL ready. But we still need the edge rusher and ilb, and safety as well as OL and WR depth. Freeney and Dansby are still out there as well as some June 1 cuts and camp cuts. Overall the team has addressed almost all of their needs and should be better in almost every aspect. It seems as if Fox Elway and Del Rio really have a Plan A and are sticking to it.
They have had to go to plan b during this draft. I think that their first choice in every round so far has been taken one or two picks before theirs but they had solid 2nd and 3rd picks in mind.
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