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Originally Posted by FireFly View Post
If he fell to us, I'd definitely take a flyer on him. We're unlikely to get a starter in the 4th or beyond this year so we could even afford to red shirt him. If it works out, he and Ball would be our one two punch in the long term!

Hillman... I don't see what everyone else seems to see at this point but he's good depth and a change of pace. Mcgahee has this season left (if he's lucky) and Moreno, well I can't say I'll be sad when we replace him. The rest of our stable isn't worth mentioning imo.
I feel the same way. At this point, picking at the end of the middle-late rounds, take chances on guys like this. Guy was on his way to being a top draft pick before he got hurt, and we certainly won't need him this year, so give him a year to recover and train, learn the playbook, get some carries in, and become the #2 back or maybe more the following year.
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