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Pay attention to Russ Lande , a former pro scout, one of the originators of the scouting combine

National Football Post (Russ Lande) Analysis

Rank: 155th overall, 20th-highest rated cornerback
Grade: 5.5

STRENGTHS - Webster has an extremely well-built frame and plays bigger than his measurables suggest. In press coverage he uses a strong punch to jam his man at the LOS, and does an excellent job of shadowing him down-field without taking interference penalties. He displays the speed needed to stay with most receivers in space and is an effective blitzer that disguises his attack well and has a knack for knocking the ball out of the QB's hand while finishing sacks. When he's aggressive with blockers he does a good job of defeating them with strong hands foot quickness, putting himself in good position to finish tackles in space.

WEAKNESSES - Webster is not as effective in off and zone coverages because despite possessing good long speed, he lacks the burst needed to close effectively from off the ball. While he is generally physical in press, when he gives free releases off the LOS or the break, he is unable to recover and close the gap in time to play the ball. In games I evaluated he struggled playing the ball and did not display good instincts with the ball in the air. When he lets blockers get on top of him, he can get engulfed by bigger receivers and struggle to disengage. Although often in position, he misses too many tackles in space by ducking his head and going low, often failing to bring his arms and wrap up.

SUMMARY - Kayvon Webster was an interesting player to evaluate because the defensive scheme at South Florida did not always play to his strengths, and often put him in difficult situations. When asked to play man press, he used his speed and physicality to knock his man off line and stay on his hip down-field, and consistently put himself in position to make plays on balls thrown his way. However, he was more often in off or zone coverage, where he did not display the burst and closing ability needed to prevent catches in front. His thick frame and natural strength allows him to consistently defeat blockers in space when he aggressively initiates contact, but he needs to do a better job of holding his ground and wrapping up in order to consistently finish tackles on runs to his side. Webster is worth an early day three selection, (end f round 3 top of round 4 no big deal with you are picking 90th) as he has the speed and physicality to potentially develop into a starter, or at least a nickel CB that adds production on blitzes from the slot.

This is exactly the type of evaluation you have to make and project the player into your teams' defensive scheme. What type of defense does JDR want to run. Zone or Man? Duh

Word of advice. You need to pick a quality person to follow for draft evals. Someone who has been in the business of NFL scouting . Sure blogs like MHR are fun to read but they are just that bloggers with no real ability to break down a player and present the facts like a real real scout would do

Lande had him as his 20th ranked CB and 16 CBs were selected. Top of round 4 was spot on. Team preferences and scheme at this point

Stop whining you'all

Who was Asante Samuel in the 4th round in 2003.

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