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Here is who I want, based solely on their names:

Baccari Rambo - what could I possibly say about this name that it doesn't already say by itself.

Quinton Patton - rhymes. got a good rhythm.

TJ Moe - We could look forward to him opening a bar after he gets cut in camp.

Mike Catapano - Obligatory mafioso

Rontez Miles - Obviously a felon

Shamarko Thomas - The extraordinarily standard last name almost reads like a dare.

Manase Foketi - Sounds like an insult that would get you killed in Russia.

Omoregi Uzzi - I think there's a firearms manufacturer somewhere in this vowel salad.

Uzoma Nwachukwu - Nunchucks, bro. Nunchucks.

Caleb Schreibreis - Look, bro. I know some German, ok? This dude's name is Writerice. It is possible that this makes sense in some world, but it is not one we live in. bonus points for the translation being a horrible tongue twister in english.

Nickell Robey - can play the nickle amirite

Chad Bumphis - Chad bumps his what? I NEED CLOSURE

Rod Sweating - Someone entered a porn name on the draft sheet after they lost a bet, right?

I feel like there are a solid 20 other options, here. This draft is very deep
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