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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
since when is a nearly 200 lb CB with 4.4 speed a bad pick? you all were b****ing about needing to draft a CB and we took one. now you all b**** because it wasn't the one you wanted.

you guys complained about Bolden last year and he was one of our better special teamers. plus the staff is excited about his potential role for this season.
let the team do the draft and react during training camp.
Exactly. Plus the Broncos don't have room for a CB to start this yr so it made sense to go DL RB, instead of one of the more polished CBs. This kid has something Elway and Del Rio see and he has good measurables. Sometimes to strike gold you have to dig on the other side of the hill.

I love Ladanian Tomlindson on NFL network talking rookie rbs, he skipped Ball and talked lacy and Giovanni.
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