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I'm just amazed people get happy, pissed, depressed or sad unless they draft a player from your favorite college team or something. Or most hated college team lol. Until they play you just have to wait. I'm looking more for the draftees from the last 2-4 yrs to step up and be better player. Moore, Wolfe, Miller Hillman, Franklin, DT, Decker. If Ball and the big DT can come in and play that is a huge bonus. We are close to going all the way we don't have time to try and start too many rookies. Not surprised they went project CB at all in the draft. The kid is fast and physical and can learn behind Bailey and DRC. Hopefully DRC works out. I know people wanted starters in every round but thats just not in the cards for a team like Denver.

Also the Broncos will still be a spot Freeney has to think about. Obviously he hasn't had any better offers and there could still be a spot for him in Denver. I would have to look at some of the other teams that may want him, and who they drafted but I would guess his options are worst now then before the draft. Elway played some poker and lost a bit on Doom but I am glad he didn't reach for Freeney too soon, or just expect to draft a DE and start him this yr. Even our number 1 pick gets to slide in behind two vet DT. He will probably start but its not like we are throwing him to the dogs.

Any rookie at DE would have a lot of pressure and Broncos are trying to put rookies in the best spot possible to succeed.

I love the pick of the RB mostly because we need them. Now we seem like we could have some guys between Hillman, Ball, Ball-2, Moreno, maybe Mchahee comes back. But that looks a lot better then just Hillman, Moreno and only 1 ball.
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