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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Teo was not such a great pick IMHO but Allen was a great pick. SD also beefed up their oline. Overall, it was a solid draft but if they would have taken Minter or Bostic instead of Teo I'd be really worried about this draft.
Te'o is better than Minter. Im not just saying that because we drafted him. I said that when making my mock draft as well when i gave Te'o to somebody else ahead of Minter. Te'o is solid. He isnt a burner but he is instinctive. He had a bad game against Alabama, that is easy to see but he made good reads, he just missed tackles. The whole team was awful so what do you do. It happens sometimes. Even Peyton Manning had 6 INT's in a game...against us BTW

He plays faster than he timed so i think it was a great value pick. Allen ws a great pick as well. He said today after we drafted him that his knee is about 90% and he will be ready for TC.

We never got a first round OT out of AJ Smith and wanted one for years so to getone first time pout with Telesco is a great thing even though he is a RT. Our RT is crap too so upgrade there. Still need a LT and have some other holes but things are looking up.

I dont know a thing about the CB you drafted but Sly Williams was a great pick.

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