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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
If Israel's ready to strike to take out Iranian nukes, more power to 'em. Only one side has vowed to completely eradicate the other. I'd prefer those same nutjobs not have nuclear weapons.
You obviously have been brainwashed to say what you did.

Have you forgotten, in 2007 all 16 US intelligence agencies agreed that Iran gave up its nuclear weapons program -- in 2003.

How rare is it for all of the intel agencies to agree? I'd say -- rare indeed. Yet, they did.

Their assessment has not changed in the years since. Notice, this means we are in the same situation as before the 2003 attack on Iraq. Saddam had no WMD -- yet the neo cons convinced the American public he had them.

The same type of propaganda mill has been tirelessly at work for years in the case of Iran.

Also -- look at the historical record. How many times has Iran attacked its neighbors in the modern era. Answer: zero.

Yet it has been repeatedly attacked by others, by the UK, the US CIA, the Soviets, Iraq, and there are probably other cases.

Stop watching Faux and CNN. Read and study.

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