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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Like the Carolina GM responded when asked why he jumped on Star so quickly when there were trade offers available, "Why trade a dollar for three dimes?"
Yeah, this. 52 is your first pick? That's kind of a tough pill to swallow when a guy you have as one of the three you want and were hoping he would fall to you is right there.

People are saying the only reason NE traded back was because Sly was not there for them. If Sly was there at #29 they would have picked him. The word is NE had the same three guys THEY were hoping would fall to them - Rhodes, Datone, Sly Williams.

Now, if NE wants an impact guy that is falling in round 2 they'll have to find a partner and that may be difficult. Denver can still make the same move up if they please and scoop NE again, but at least they got their one bird in the hand . . . .
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