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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by BowlenBall View Post
Not sure why the above posters are so down on Margus Hunt -- his athletic ability is unusual in the extreme. It's not a Mike Mamula thing -- his bizarre length and strength make him a prototypical 3-4 defensive end, at worst.

If he were available for the Broncos at 56, it would be hard to justify NOT taking him.
The kid has no instincts, lacks any real technique, and is slow to read his keys. This is a physical freak, with no mentality to play football. And by the time he gets it, he will be almost 30, 29 for real, and done with his contract.

Why would you waste a second rounder in this draft on a kid like that? Because all he is going to do is take a roster spot next year, and most likely the one after that. No way I pull the trigger on that kind of kid with all the deep talent available in tonights selections. NO WAY.
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