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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post

I was all for moving back if the right player wasn't there. I've been screaming for a DT the whole time and this guy looks like a really good one. Getting an extra pick or 2 is nice but the appeal of having like 9 picks or more, with most of them in the later rounds, just doesn't appeal to me, not when you have to give up some of your early picks. I would rather the chance at an impact player if there is one on the board. The Broncos felt like there was a player such as that. Let's face it. 9 or 10 rookies would not have made this team.
I agree. What's the point of stockpiling picks only to release a bunch of them after training camp? I'd always, always rather the Broncos draft an impact player in the first round than stockpile and hope for results. I'd have no problem if the Broncos make a few trades tonight, get the players they want and be done quickly rounds 2-3. Then, if they want to gamble on a few guys like Scott on Saturday, fine.
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