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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Depends on what you are going for. I've had my Mac since 2011 (NOV) and absolutely love it. The battery is just as good as the day I got it, it is still as fast as the day I got it and all the apps and ease to it make it slick. It is a fun machine to play on. However, it is not a powerhouse, I can't do much graphics editing and music recording (only 4 GB of ram) -- but for being a device that is portable and can allow me to do my writing, etc. it was a bargain for the price I got it. (Usually 1149 brand new, but I got a discount and had a gift card so I paid -200 less.)

I will NOT go to a Windows 8 machine, because they have been nothing but trouble at work and I think they are absolutely ridiculous. I am interested in finding a place that allows you to build custom all-in-one's. I like sleek devices. If anyone knows of anything like that, let me know. Lenovo has some sweet deals on there, but I don't want W8.
Buy a copy of windows 7 or get Start 8 from stardock. Replaces the windows 8 interface with a more traditional (useful) one.
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