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I've had a chance to get through some of the first reaction to the Williams pick. If you guys have a chance, go to and watch their videos. They have video of them calling Williams and their press conference.

In the PC, someone asks them if they thought about trading up or down. Elway mentions that they actually had an offer to trade back (probably the deal the Patriots got) but declined it because they were so enamored with Williams falling to them. (Sharif Floyd falling threw off a lot of mocks)

The Pats got a second (52nd overall), third (83rd), fourth (102nd) and seventh-round pick (229th) from the Vikings.

I don't know the Vikings made any kind of offer to Denver, or if the value was even close that. I am just speculating because a lot of times when a team trades up, the first team they talk to declines and they work their way down until they get a trading partner.

My question: Would you have made that pick or would you have picked up that haul the Pats got?
If you are a BPA kind of cat, you make the pick

If you are a PON kind of cat, you get the picks and plug some holes or try to upgrade a few positions.

For me, I wouldn't surrender taking the best player at 28, to me, any pick after that is a theorectical compromise on talent and impact. I like the pick, I am really just happy we are stacking up the D-Line rotation, for years we b****ed and moaned about the rentals or retreads we had on our missionary defense... I like it.
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