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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Let me be clear, I'm not criticizing this pick. I'm just saying that when you know nothing about a player you hate seeing multiple scouts, who know considerably more than I do, with these negative opinions. I'm going to trust Elway/Fox/JDR know what they're doing.
No, I get that you weren't criticizing the pick (more worrying). I was just saying that for the 2 negative comments you are focused on, look through the board to find 20 positive ones. He is a guy that pretty much every mock draft had going higher than 28. The Sports Science video heaped praise on him and compared his explosiveness to Darnell Docket. The FO was clearly really excited about him (as seen in the press conferences).

I am not a draft guru either, but you can find things to worry about with any player. Google "PLAYER NAME negatives", and you'll find something wrong with every single player. Get down into the later part of the first round, and you'll get even more questions.
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