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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I wasn't as high on Williams as the Broncos staff was (though I didn't think he sucks like Alfred Williams believes), but I felt very good with where we got him. If I didn't have the input from the coaches, I would have pulled the trigger on the trade. However this staff, and especially this coach, has an eye for defensive linemen. Basically anyone they take I am going to be fine with on their reputation alone. So if we're sitting there and they're telling me he's worth more than the package of picks, I take the player.
This. If anything in Fox's and JDR's history tells you anything, they have an eye for D-line talent.

If this guy can come in and be similar to Wolfe in production with his first year, then we did quite well. Really nice that we have a disruptive DT that can hopefully collapse the pocket from the inside so QBs can't step up anymore and Von can get to them.

Time will tell, but if he comes in and contributes similar to Wolfe's rookie year then I say take the pick and run. Who knows what NE will get with all those later picks, but if you have a 1st round grade on a guy and he is there at 28 you take him. You don't trade down and settle for guys you have 2nd and 3rd round grades on.
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