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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
Alex Smith trade looks better right now. He was by far the best QB available and tonight proved it.
it most certainly does not look better. 32 teams will have all night to think about what they messed up, who is still available, etc. The team they are going to call to fix whatever issue they have is the holder of the early picks tomorrow - SF and JAX.

What would be hilarious is if KC remembers that Alex Smith isn't a QBotF, and need to trade up to get Geno. Obviously won't happen, but it's gonna suck for KC waiting until Saturday before they can pick again, watching Geno, Barkley, Nassib, Dysert, and Wilson all go tomorrow.

Maybe they get the deal done and get back in @ 22, but what ever QB they take at that point will be sloppy seconds, passed over by everyone else for one reason or another.

If I was a Chief fan, I would be less excited about the Alex Smith era than I was as a Bronco fan entering the Kyle Orton era.
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