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We attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Chile, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos....and now Syria.
There are so many different scenarios there that you've watered down the definition of 'attack' in any military sense to essentially nothing.

Why not Iran?
You really think with all the hyperbole and preventative grief that spilled out during the Bush years, they'll feel free to toss it all aside and go in anyway? Iraq would be a picnic compared to Iran. We don't have the political will left for that kind of war.

Of course we will. In fact, we are already at war - and have been for years, staging covert ops, drone overflights, cyber-attacks plus a killing economic blockade.
If our lust is for blood, as you seem to think, why would we jump through all these hoops instead of just going for the jugular?

Oh, and you ignored my last question. How does selling arms to Israel hurt the United States?

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