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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
You do realize that Iran is a terrorist state. Right? They killed 264 of our Marines in 1983 and have been funding and carrying out attacks against us for decades, including 911.
So, Iran was involved in 9/11? You must be kidding. If not, you are on drugs.

Your selective memory about 1983 is also breathtaking. Why were US Marines in Lebanon in the first place? I'm sure you don't know.

For the record, Ronnie Ray-gun ordered Marines into Lebanon in the aftermath of Israel's unprovoked invasion in June 1982.

We were there supporting Israel's aggression -- hence the vast majority of Lebanese viewed the US as the enemy -- a foreign occupier.

What did the friends of liberty -- our ancestors -- here in the US do to foreign occupiers (i.e. the British) in the 1770s?

FYI, we killed them.

You should be venting your anger about what happened to our Marines on R Reagan, for stupidly putting them in harm's way.

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