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That draft sucks as it is not realistc, and Norris doesn't know our scheme.

We're not going to pick a penetrating 3 tech DT. We two gap with our DTs and our LDE so that we can move Von Miller around while still having gap integrity. We move Wolfe inside on passing downs to play 3 tech. We have no use for a base down 3 tech. So, while Williams isn't a bad player, he's not remotely an option for our scheme. Now, in the 2nd Round, we could look at a two-gapping DT like John Jenkins.

Lacy has zero chance of falling to our late 2nd, let alone our 1st round pick. And Okafor won't make it to our late 3rd round selection, he probably goes in the late 2nd. If he had Lacy in Round 1 and Okafor in Round 2, I'm buying that.

I'm fine with Reddick and Duke Williams in the 4th and 5th. Really like Duke Williams. Much better options than Tourek Williams in the late 7th though.
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