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Originally Posted by 55CrushEm View Post
Yup. I learned a lot more too.....In the weeks leading up to that draft, Baltimore had been approached by several teams, namely.....

- New England seemed to have more interest than any team in early April, and had asked Baltimore if they'd take John Hannah for the Elway pick. On draft day at pick #15 the Pats wanted Kelley, but he had just been taken at #14.....they thought the next best QB on the board was Eason!! Haha. However, the COACHES in New England didn't want Eason......the owner made that choice.

- With 3 1st round picks, everyone thought for sure that Chargers would trade for him....but they were just using that as leverage to re-sign Fouts.

- At #21, the Rooneys LOVED Marnio, and would have taken him.....but they allowed Chuck Knoll to choose (opposite of the Pats situation).....and Knoll wanted defense.

- Dallas had inquired about Elway prior to the draft, but again, Irsay of the Colts ran the show and f'd that up too

I also found it funny that Jim Kelley HATED being drafted by Buffalo.....played for Houston in the USFL (I knew he played in the USFL, but not because he dreaded being drafted by Buffalo).

I didn't realize that while Elway played a summer for the Yanks A team.....that he lead the team in EVERY offensive category, including stolen bases. Impressive.

Lastly, Al Davis believed (and Elway's agent AGREES) that the league killed the Raider/Bears/Colts deal......probably as revenge against Al for suing the league.
Theres a legend () out there floating around, that when Elway went to meet with Steinbrenner, he was given a personal tour of Yankee stadium with his then girlfriend, soon to be wife.
Steinbrenner took them down on to the field, and the Royals just happened to be in town and were taking batting practice. George Brett was sitting in the royals dugout and some of the guys were talking to Elway about what he was going to do.
So some of the players wanted to see if Elways arm was as big as it had been advertised and while talking a little smack with him they challenged him to see how far he could throw a baseball.
So Elway stepped about 5 feet behind home base, got a running start, and threw it over the fence in centerfield. 1 throw.
After sitting there, watching this, George Brett said, "Man, i hope this kid plays football".
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