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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
from another board

Darren Connolly IV ‏@DConnollyNFL 2m
Source in #Falcons organization says "if our guy is there, we will pull the trigger, the package is agreed upon" #Raiders #NFLDraft"

"Darren Connolly IV ‏@DConnollyNFL 3h
Hearing potential trade would include "multiple 2013/2014 draft picks as well as players" being involved #NFLDraft #Raiders #Falcons"

"Darren Connolly IV ‏@DConnollyNFL 3h
Source here in #Atlanta : #Falcons and #Raiders in "very serious discussions" involving a trade including Raiders 1st round pick #NFLDraft"
There is no way this happens imo. I would be SHOCKED, SHOCKED!! There isn't anyone there worth what they'd have to give up to move that far. The tackles are good, but LT wasn't the difference between the Falcons making or falling short of the Super Bowl!
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