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from another board

Darren Connolly IV ‏@DConnollyNFL 2m
Source in #Falcons organization says "if our guy is there, we will pull the trigger, the package is agreed upon" #Raiders #NFLDraft"

"Darren Connolly IV ‏@DConnollyNFL 3h
Hearing potential trade would include "multiple 2013/2014 draft picks as well as players" being involved #NFLDraft #Raiders #Falcons"

"Darren Connolly IV ‏@DConnollyNFL 3h
Source here in #Atlanta : #Falcons and #Raiders in "very serious discussions" involving a trade including Raiders 1st round pick #NFLDraft"
It's got to be for one of the offensive tackles. CB is really deep this year, and Milliner is not so much better than the other players available at the position that he'd be worth the kind of loot it would take for Atlanta to go from #30 to #3. He's not a Patrick Peterson type. The top pass rushers are all projections who weren't terribly productive in college (Jordan, Mingo, Ansah). Could be for Floyd, but similar to Milliner, DT is a deep position and I wouldn't put Floyd head and shoulders above the other guys who could be there at #30. I think they want Fisher, Joekel, or Johnson. Big drop off after those three at LT. If they make the move for Milliner or one of the pass rushers, I think it's a terrible move.

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