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He might pan out, but this class is deep as hell with solid CB's. Why take the risk?

Just like Jenkins last year, the kid has all the tools to play at a high level in the NFL. However, he has not proven he can handle the adversity yet. That is why he is off may list. I like Steve Williams in the slot better anyway.
At a certain point of the draft he'd definitely be worth the risk. He has the talent to be an elite nickle back and special teamer in the NFL. Maybe my 3rd round ranking is high to some but I think it would be a mistake to completely remove him from the board simply based on the fact he could be a game changer in 2 facets of the game. If he's a late rounder who doesn't pan out, big deal. Draft wisely and take high character players high in the draft and take your chances late with guys who can become high impact players.
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