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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
I don't think it's a longshot...if I were taking bets I'd say she's 70% likely to run. She won't likely get Obama'ed by some young guy because there's really no Obama to pull it off. We all knew after the 04 DNC speech Obama was going to be hard to bring down. IMO the democrats don't have someone like that yet. Julian Castro gave an amazing speech, but he's not quite big enough yet. When Clinton realizes that she's got an easy road to the nomination, it'll be hard to convince her NOT to run.

If I had to guess this far out the D nominee will go to Clinton and someone like Deval Patrick, someone else who shone at the DNC.

Another one that is getting buzz is Elizabeth Warren, but if Clinton were to run she wouldn't have a chance against her.
what about Biden? The VP usually gets a shot.
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