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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
I disagree. I think Christie matches up very well with any candidate the democrats can put up, including Clinton.

Completely ridiculous to think Clinton wouldn't walk away with the woman vote, but of course it's supported by "because I feel" statements instead of facts. My biggest concern with Clinton is she'll be 70. I'm not sure she's running.

The biggest mistake the Republicans could make would be running a minority as the presidential candidate. It would come off as pandering, especially with a strong candidate like Christie available. If they don't run Christie, they're sealing their own fate.
She's not McCain, Christie may match up better against Clinton,as opposed to rubio but that isn't saying much.
If age is an issue,so will Christies weight be an issue. The guys a Hamburger away from a heart attack. I'm not sure she's running,but there's no guarantee Christie is running either. Christie will have problems getting out of the primaries,considering the circumstances leading to the '12 elections.
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