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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Hillary looked weak and beaten down around the time she resigned. I'm not sure she will want to try and be President but maybe she still yearns for it. Not sure how she would do. I doubt she is more popular now then she was 6 yrs ago. Also lot's of women get caddy when it comes to other women in power and sometimes prefer a man. A woman vice prez could be the smarter move for either party. Repubs should pick the gov from New Mexico and run her with Christie as the Presidential candidate. That is if they want to win. If they don't they can nominate some religious zealot and be done with it.
she looked damn strong during the benghazi witch hunt hearing. Everybody from Johnson to Paul looked puny in comparison to H. Clinton.
She's got a 64% approval rating,she's not only as popular as she was in '08 but a stronger candidate.
You shouldn't presume to think you know how women vote. Especially considering the trend that women by very good margins are voting democrat.
Your boy Christie,wouldn't win his home state vs Clinton.
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