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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
I always find it hilarious to read these threads. According to those that have posted, and we're only two pages in, we've gotten the following exact opposite sentiments:

- This is the worst draft class ever.
- This is the deepest draft class ever.

- This draft is bad for RBs and WRs.
- There is enormous talent at WR and RB.

- There's no talent in this draft after the first two rounds.
- There's a ton of talent in this draft after the first two rounds.
Really its because it is how you define a draft. Neither point is wrong, if that is how you define it.

However, that claim by a GM is simply to protect himself when he does not do well in this draft. As you said earlier, it will take a couple of years to see who sticks and who gets it at the next level.

Some GM's will be risk averse in this kind of draft, and some will increase their risk to get that one guy they like.

That to me is what makes this so damn interesting every year. The process is never the same and the earlier it deviates, the more it favors the good Front offices to stay ahead. All 32 players play differently, and it takes some analyzing skills and some solid predictions to make it work for your team.

Here is to Elway and company
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