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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
I would say Joeckel, Fisher and Jordan are every bit worthy of a top pick as it can get.

May not be a generational player, but I still believe those guys will be very good players for a long time.
You are such a Queefs apologist.

First, you were beating your chest about KC finally getting a franchise-caliber QB in Geno Smith. It was Geno this and Geno that for a few months.

You're in the minority among your fanbase that likes the tackles because most fans feel sick about tomorrow's draft.

There was a time when the franchise LT was a cornerstone, but welcome to the new era where having Jake Long or Joe Thomas doesn't really mean ****. When teams are plucking Duane Brown at No. 26 or Joe Staley at pick 28, you know you're not really getting value with Fisher or Joeckel that high.
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