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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Here's the fundamental problem for Democrats next time around.

Obama can't run again. And a Hillary or JoeBi electorate will look nothing like the one that rose up around the President.

Candidate quality matters. A lot. It drives turnout. When that doesn't happen, motivated issue voters (even single issue voters) start to make more of a difference. It's why midterm elections generally look way different than Presidential ones. Democrats got their clocks cleaned with Clinton in office during midterms. But the people still reelected Clinton, because the other guy (although a nice guy) wasn't a good candidate. At least not in today's media-driven age.

In 2016, everything pretty much starts all over again. Anyone making declarations about what happens afterwards is kidding themselves.

You greatly underestimate the voter turnout that will likely turnout for Hillary Clinton. Every poll I have seen has Hillary with a significant lead over the likes of Christie & rubio in their home states. There well be big turnout for Hillary if she runs.
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