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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
This is one of the weakest drafts in a very long time.

There is not a single true blue chip prospect. There is not a position in this draft with a player who is better than any other player at the same position when you compare to previous 6 drafts. Offensive tackle comes closest and neither of the guys in this years class are the same type of prospect that Ryan Clady and Jake Long were 6 years ago.

There is a real lack of skill players on both sides of the ball, no good RB, a few good but not great WRs, no great pass rushers, no QBs.

The only way this draft doesn't suck is the depth in the 1st round, unlike some previous years where the 1st round is very tiered, this year pretty much every team should be able to walk away with at least 1 pretty good player in the 1st round.

Outside of the first 2 rounds there is a real lack of talent, and once the 4th and 5th rounds roll around there will be players drafted who would be undrafted free agents in a couple of recent drafts.
That is not even close to true. Everything above I already agreed with, but that comment is ludicrous. That is where a team can seperate themselves by finding above average replacement level players at certain postions, and not having to draft for need.

Most of the recent drafts have been entirely top heavy, with very little in the middle rounds, and even less in the bottom rounds. This draft is heavy in the 2-5 range, and average in the 6th and 7th with talent.
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