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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
lol... you should never draft a player because you fear another team, and a rival in particular, will draft that player. The Bills have to make their first pick count and they have a lot of needs...
obviously you don't remember Buffalo's owner going ape **** nutty when we traded up and drafted Tebow.
blasted us for panicking due to rumors they were going to trade back into the low first and take him.

it'd be really stupid to reach for Nassib that high in the first though.
you tie the rest of your draft to him and you put unrealistic expectations on a guy who should go in the 2nd round or low first instead of #8 or even one of the Jets picks.

why people don't learn from reaching for QB's is beyond me. hell the Jets just did that with Sanchez a few years ago and are still suffering for it.
the Vikings are stuck in a rut because they reached for Ponder, the Titans are looking for a new franchise QB already due to Locker not living up to the hype.
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