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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I look forward to watching KC make that first pick and everybody in NY giving polite applause, or going "meh." There are no Andrew Lucks, no Robert Griffins nor Von Millers in this draft. The excitement just isn't going to be there. The first five picks could be linemen.
There is plenty of steak, and very little sizzle

The skill positions are weak as hell outside of WR, and that is why they are whining. No Julius Jones WR, No Andrew Luck QB, No Adrian Peterson RB, no Von Miller pass rusher, No Patrick Peterson CB. So everyone frets because there are not as many can't miss prospects.

However, Elite teams are made by drafting well in the middle and late rounds, just as much as hitting on the first 2. This is a GM's draft where real talent evaluation comes into play as well as maneuvering. That's why some poorly equipped GM's will cry foul. They are not good in this kind of draft, and will proactively whine about it being poor to protect themselves down the road.

"Well, we missed a lot in 2013, but what a poor draft to pick from it was!" This will be their mantra. I do believe there are 10 year players in this draft at CB, DT, OL, and S. This is a deep safety class, when the last 5 have been really poor overall. DT has every kind of scheme player available, NT in both fronts, 3 tech's, and even some quality 5 tech DE's. OL is a real solid class outside of Center. And the CB's are easily the best overall in awhile IMHO. There should be 5 #1 CB's in this draft, and at least 10 #2 or Slot CB's who stick, with maybe more over time.

Here is what Elway said about the DB class:

"You know, the thing is, the secondary class, it's a big class," Elway said Monday. "There are a lot of good football players at safety and at corner. There are plenty of guys that are going to be good football players, and a lot of opportunity in this league. It's a big class."

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