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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Vikings "getting a lot of phone calls" for 23 and 25. They are reportedly interested in Carradine at one of those spots. Giants (at #19) have had multiple contacts with Carradine in the past week. Dolphins (at #12) may be interested too, according to Tony Pauline.
We are going to have a podcast up @ MHR today where we talked about Carradine a lot. So many people are mocking him to the Broncos, but the head of MHR (my boss) and colleague involved were pretty much shocked when I said that Carradine is almost a mortal lock for the Top 20 if teams are fine with the progress on his ACL. It would be a pipe dream at this point in time to be able to land him and stated that we aren't really in a position to trade up. Everyone who has called him a one year wonder and dogged his game are absolutely wrong. His 80 + tackle, 12 sack season was one of the best performances I have seen from a defensive player in college football in a long time. He was in on so many plays, it was ridonkulous.

Would be interesting to know if the Vikings are getting a call for us regarding him. Vikes are going to boss hog this draft. Excited to see what they do too. It will be even better to see their meltdown (gonna be with two Vikes pals) if they do something crazy. Will have a Dolphins fan at the party too. . . draft day is always depressing for him.
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