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Originally Posted by Durango View Post
Well, you hit on it right there; Marino had a mediocre senior year, whereas Blackledge won a national championship and I remember one scouting report that claimed Jim Kelly was 'dumb'.

Tony Eason was frail, although he had a relatively successful NFL career, albeit a short one.

Although Elway played in a losing system, anyone could see his skills were off the charts, so there were no doubters there.
I havent had the chance to watch it yet, but do have it on the DVR.

Kinda of hard to find concrete facts about this but being a life long Broncos fan and grew up in the 90's watching the Broncos...

Elway was very mobile and a scrambler and obviously athletic enough to have played baseball.

And every mention of a QB in the draft is compared to the perfect QB "Elway".

What were his measurables, like 40 yard dash and what not?
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