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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
No he was not. Leonard Davis in 2001 was the last one in 2001. There have been others that played OG that got moved to OT in the NFL. 1986 had two OG's go in the top ten. In 1983 Denver drafted Chris Hinton 4th overall and the Oilers took Bruce Mathews 9th. 1985 Bill Fralic went number 2 overall. It happens way more then people think.
What about Munchak and Hanna? any info on where they went in the draft? Really though it doesn't matter. You don't pass on a dominant guard or not move up for him because you think its not done, or has no value.

Dominant players help you win regardless of position. Guards are so important in the redzone and short yardage I'm surprised they aren't valued more. it takes first downs to keep throwing the ball ya know?
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