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I agree Warmack the most dominant player in the draft. In fact can you find one game where he didn't his guy down all 4 quarters.

Warmack is a man among boys and if the Broncos could trade up to get him it would be worth it big time. We are not talking about a player who can hold his own. We are talking about a player who IMO could block any DT in the league 1-1 right now first day of practice.

Coaches say he's smart, he dominates on film. He didn't bench at combine because of a finger injury? but no doubt he is as strong as he looks.

IMO he is Mike Munchak Good. John Hanna good. You know best guards of all time good. is there any other player in the draft anyone thinks could be the best at their position in the last 10 yrs?

I would trade this yrs first and 2nd to get him and Beadles in a heartbeat.
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