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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
The Osweiler thing was just too predictable. It's sad to know that Brian Xanders was advocating for Lavonte David. Woodyard definitely stepped his game up, but it would have been nice to have used a second rounder on a guy who is actually going to do something for the team. If the Broncos really thought that Osweiler was the BPA with that pick, I am calling BS.

I can understand the insurance because of the uncertain nature of Manning's recovery, but good lord. I have high hopes for Hillman, but mortgaging what you got in a trade down was really piss poor value management of resources in the draft. When you have that many picks, you need to get more than ONE GUY (Wolfe) who starts a game as a rookie. That is SIMPLY unacceptable.
we had OLB's last season. David wasn't a need, Von plays SAM, DJ played WILL. Woodyard obviously was well liked by the staff and we drafted Trevathan.

not every draft this team does will produce immediate starters. some will take 2-3 years to crack the line up. that's the nature of the draft and of football.
i would for every draft to produce 3-4 instant starters and the rest are depth players but that's not going to happen.

Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
I didnt agree with taking a QB. Thought we needed another player on the field having an impact. In the long run he could pan out, but I would've done that a bit different. Wolfe is making strides though. Not sure if we could've got Martin and Wolfe but if that was possible it would've been better IMO
we had the opportunity to draft a QB in the 2nd round with franchise QB potential. that doesn't happen very often. we have a QB who can learn under Manning and be groomed for the starting role.
it's not an immediate impact rookie but if the player pans out then it's the future of the franchise for 10-15 years.
i would rather gamble on that and have him take over after Manning so that we can partially sustain the success than to go all in for 2-3 years and have to get another QB to take over after he's gone from the team and not able to groom the understudy.
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