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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
he was 7 yards away from the damn WR with no safety in sight. you don't give a free release with no chip, jam, re-route or anything.
even in zone the gap isn't supposed to be that damn big. it was wide open and the only DB who ended up near him was Moore.
even with over the top coverage from the FS the CB isn't supposed to let him get that far away because asking a S to cover a WR is almost always a loss for the S.
It is a zone. He did not have a man, by definition. Once the player releases the zone, he switches to the deep man. Just like on the other side of the play where Bruton has Boldin ALL BY HIMSELF in deep coverage. No one on that play pressed, everyone played off at the snap.

Carter did not do anything wrong at all on this play. Period.
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