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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Now, you are showing you have no idea about that coverage. Carter was playing the sidelines and underneath in a zone. He released the player to the deep coverage 15 yards down the field and only continued chasing because no other receiver was in his zone. You do understand Zone coverage right?

He would have been responsible if he was playing MAN, but he and the whole team were in tampa 2 Zone.
he was 7 yards away from the damn WR with no safety in sight. you don't give a free release with no chip, jam, re-route or anything.
even in zone the gap isn't supposed to be that damn big. it was wide open and the only DB who ended up near him was Moore.
even with over the top coverage from the FS the CB isn't supposed to let him get that far away because asking a S to cover a WR is almost always a loss for the S.
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