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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
I don't know, they did that last year and not much came out of it so far. I would've rather they stayed put and drafted Martin.
The guy they traded down and got did awesome for us.

Drafting Osweiler when you just signed Manning in the second, using one of the fourths you got to trade up for Ronnie Hillman and using the other fourth you got in a trade to take a CB who blew out his ACL were all pretty questionable moves.

This draft is much deeper in rounds 2-4 than it was last year. I feel very confident (based on our needs) that Denver can move from 28 down to the 30s and get guys at positions we can use help at (LB, DL, S, RB, etc.) and have a variety of starters. They were able to do make out well in 2011. We just need to get players who can contribute right away.

I'd like to see us move down from #28 (unless one of their first round graded prospects is available) and pick up an additional pick or two. There is great value at the positions listed above in those areas. I'd like to see us be able to address all of them and get a shot at other prospects who can contribute. I think we need to trade down unless someone who is awesome is there. I really doubt there is going to be a significant value between guys at #28 and say #35. If you can move back to there with a team interested in Nassib, Manuel, Barkley, etc. and end up getting another early to mid-round pick, why not?

We will have to wait and see how the board falls. If they stand pat at #28, it tells me they are getting a guy with a first round grade.
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