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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
i love it, being a draft nerd has served us well so far.
i just don't buy us drafting a CB in the first with DRC just signed to a potential 2 year deal and Champ still here. we already have Harris at Nickel and they expect Bolden to make a move this year.

a RB or S makes the most sense at 28 unless a DE falls.
if we land Cyprien or Elam @ #28 it's a clear win and addresses who will start next to The Dream.
DRC isn't on an 2 year deal from what I understand.

According to Aaron Wilson, DRC's deal is worth $10M over two seasons, with a $4.2M signing bonus, $800K salary in 2013, and voidable $5M salary for 2014. Jason La Canfora reports that the second year voids as long as Rodgers-Cromartie is on Denver's roster five days after the next Super Bowl.

Adding a voidable year, which is essentially a phantom extension of a one-year contract, is done solely for the purposes of spreading a cap hit.

Unless something was reported incorrectly.
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