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I'm so friggen excited.

If you haven't heard of the Sirius documentary,
or Dr. Steven Greer, go here right now:

This documentary is finally going live Apr 22nd.

Dr. Steven Greer has been on a mission for the
past decade to disclose top secret energy generation
and propulsion technology which the government has
had for decades, by reverse engineering downed E.T

This technology would solve all of our energy problems,
which is why it’s so secret, it poses a direct threat to the
fossil fuel industry.

Dr. Steven Greer founded the “Disclosure Project” and has
brought together hundreds of government witnesses who
are willing to testify before congress about what they’ve
seen and what they know.

This is something that’s very close to my heart because as
you may know, over the years I’ve been heavily involved and
have been a supporter of the Searl Effect Generator(SEG is
capable of producing unlimited energy and gravity manipulation)

Anyways, this is absolutely wild! It's a land-mark stepping
stone for humanity. Go watch the trailer right here, and then
go to their web-site to watch the premiere of the movie:
Yeah, they got the technology from the aliens
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