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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
yeah that is good. People do need to realize this is only for staff. My point stands though telling Americans you can debate for 5 days before i sign a bill was a joke. Once Obama saw how much work he had to do, how hard it is to be president, he quickly learned that the public online debate was a stupid idea.

Also he is no more transparent then other Presidents and in many ways less so. he quickly learned once in power you can get more down not being so transparent. Letting out every lobbyist that comes to the white house? Nope we will just start meeting with them outside of the white house and then we can keep it a secret.

i don't blame him one bit. Once President you haven't time for worrying about having to debate every little thing you talk about, think about, or do as President. But i do blame him for lying about it and making people think he would be a different. You can't be different when it comes to kissing the ass of the lobbyists until we get the money out of elections.
That would be an important change in the 'system,'....actually, more like 'essential.'
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