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Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
College stats make me lol.

How's Geno Toretta's HoF induction coming along? Imminent, I suppose, due to all of his brilliant college stats.
Toretta's college stats weren't all that great. His Heisman year was one of the most down years on record.

You're supposed to use the Toretta argument for "Heisman doesn't mean good pro." Statistically, he passed for a much lower completion than Tebow, much lower TD passes, and way lower yards per attempt. Statistically, Tebow was more dominant than Johnny Manziell, and followed it up with a national championship.

With Tebow, it's mechanics (including footwork). Coming out of college, they were not conducive to a pro passing attack. So the question has always been whether he can translate his game and improve his mechanics.

It's that simple -- the vast majority of prospects don't translate. They just quietly fall off the map. With Tebow, nothing is quiet.
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